Military and Veterans Auto Insurance: Your Guide to Discounts

Understanding Auto Insurance for Military and Veterans

Military members and veterans, you’ve earned some generous car insurance discounts.


Here’s how to make the most of them.

1. Understanding Discounts

Most major insurance companies offer special rates for those who have served. You’ll typically see:

  • Military discount: For active duty and retired military personnel. Can save 10-15% off premiums.
  • Veteran discount: For those who have been honorably discharged. Usually 5-10% off.
  • Bundling discount: Save by bundling auto with homeowners, renters, or life insurance. Can net up to 20% savings.

To get the best deal, compare quotes from multiple companies. Let them know you’re military/veteran and provide documentation like your DD 214 form. The more details you give about your service, the more accurate the quotes will be.


Don’t assume you won’t qualify if you have a poor driving record or expensive vehicle. While rates are based partly on risk factors, military discounts can still apply. It’s always worth checking.

Some well-known military-friendly insurers include USAA, GEICO, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive. But smaller regional companies may also offer competitive rates, so cast a wide net.

With a little research, you can land a policy that properly recognizes your service and saves you a bundle. You deserve nothing less. Compare quotes today and choose an insurer that will honor your sacrifice with substantial military auto insurance discounts.

Qualifying for Military and Veteran Car Insurance Discounts

As a military member or veteran, you’ve earned some nice perks, including discounts on auto insurance. To claim what you’re due, you’ll need to provide proof of your service.


Military Discounts

Active duty military personnel qualify for auto insurance discounts from many top companies like GEICO, USAA, and Progressive. You’ll typically need to provide your military ID or a copy of your orders to verify your status. Some insurers cap the discount at a certain percentage, while others offer bigger savings the longer you’ve been enlisted.

Veteran Discounts

If you’ve been honorably discharged, you can still cash in. Most major insurers offer auto insurance discounts for veterans and retirees. Usually you’ll need a copy of your DD214 or discharge papers to prove your veteran status. Discounts often range from 5-25% off your total premium.

The amount you save depends on factors like your branch of service, years of service, deployment history, and the insurance company. It pays to shop around at different places to find the best deal.

Family Discounts

At some companies, military and veteran discounts also apply to family members on the policy. USAA, for example, extends auto insurance discounts to military spouses and children. GEICO offers savings for family living on base or post. It’s worth checking with any companies you’re interested in to see if your loved ones qualify too.

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Comparing Top Providers of Military Car Insurance

Some providers of this kind of insurance include;


USAA is only available to military members and their families. They are consistently ranked as one of the best insurance companies for service members. USAA offers up to 15% off premiums for active duty personnel. They also waive fees like enrollment and cancelation. USAA has great coverage options, including renters insurance, life insurance and banking services.


GEICO provides up to 15% in savings on premiums for active duty and retired military. They offer additional discounts for good students, multiple policies, and safe drivers. GEICO is available to all drivers, but they do cater to military members. They allow you to start a policy over the phone or online in just a few minutes. GEICO is a reputable company with strong financial backing.

3. State Farm

State Farm provides a discount of up to 25% for active and retired military members. They have been serving military families for over 90 years and are the largest auto insurer in the U.S. State Farm offers coverage for homes, renters, life, and other policies in addition to auto insurance.

4. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers up to 15% off for active and retired military. They provide additional discounts for switching from another provider, multiple policies, good driving, and anti-theft devices. Liberty Mutual has been in business for over 100 years and has an A rating from independent evaluators. They offer coverage for both individuals and businesses.

Maximizing Your Savings With Military Auto Insurance

Here are some of the best ways to maximize your savings:

1. Military Installation Program

If you live on or near a military base, you may be eligible for the Military Installation Program. Offered by many major insurers like Geico, USAA, and State Farm, it provides discounted rates for those stationed at over 200 installations across the U.S. You could save up to 15% on your auto policy.

2. Good Student Discount

Do you have a teen driver on your policy who maintains at least a B average? Ask your insurance company about a good student discount. Students with a solid GPA tend to be less risky to insure, so companies will usually offer a lower rate, around 5 to 15% off.

3. Vehicle Discounts

The type of car you drive also impacts your premium. Choose a make and model with high safety ratings and you’ll typically get the best deal. SUVs, minivans, and sedans are usually cheaper to insure than high performance sports cars.

4. Bundling Policies

One of the easiest ways to save is by bundling multiple insurance policies together, such as auto, home, and life. Bundling allows insurers to offer a lower combined rate than if you purchased separate policies. Discounts of 10 to 15% for bundling auto and home coverage are common.The more policies you bundle, the more you can save.

5. Ask About Other Discounts

Don’t forget to inquire about other discounts like safe driver, loyalty, pre-pay, and anti-theft device. Even small discounts can add up to big savings over the life of your policy. Do an annual review of your auto insurance to make sure you’re getting all the discounts you deserve. With some time and patience, you can uncover opportunities to lower your premiums and maximize your savings.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about military and veterans car insurance discounts:

1. Do I qualify for discounts if I’m retired or separated from service?

Yes, most insurance companies offer discounts for retired and separated veterans as well. As long as you have an honorable discharge, you should qualify for military car insurance rates.

2. What documentation do I need to provide?

To verify your military status, you’ll need to provide a copy of your DD214 discharge papers, military ID, or other documents showing your service. Some companies may require additional proof of your discharge status. It’s best to check with the insurance provider directly to see what they need.

3. Do discounts apply to family members?

Yes, insurance discounts often extend to spouses and dependents of military members. Be sure to ask if the company offers discounts for military spouses and families when getting a quote.

4. Are there additional discounts for officers or those with certain MOS’s?

Some companies may offer enhanced discounts for those with certain military occupational specialties (MOS’s) like military police or mechanics, or for higher-ranking officers. However, most standard military discounts apply regardless of your specific role or rank. It never hurts to ask if the company offers any additional discounts for your position.

5. Do I have to switch to a military-specific insurance company?

No, you do not need to switch to a military insurance company like USAA or GEICO Military to get a discount. Most major insurance providers like State Farm, Allstate, and Progressive offer military discounts and rates. Shop around at different companies to find the best overall deal for your needs.

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